5 עובדות פחות ידועות על לדאק

5 Lesser Known Facts About Ladakh

5 Unknown Facts About Ladakh

facts about Ladakh

It’s become quite a cliche these days for anyone or any bikers club within India and outside to shout Ladakh. Why not? Afterall it has arguably got the world’s highest motorable road. That’s all very nice, thank you, but that’s not all.

Here are 5 not so popular facts about Ladakh. (In comparison to its treks and motorable roads that is)

Pangong Lake- The Highest Salt Water LakePangong lake

Pangong Lake is the highest salt lake resting high in the Ladakh mountains. It’s situated at an altitude of about 4,350 meters and is an endorheic lake (no outflow of water to rivers and so on). Do you know that despite its high salt content, the lake freezes in the winters?!

Double Humped Camels

facts about Ladakh

Doubled humped camels are exclusively found only in the Ladakh region.  Bactrian Camel is the nomenclature of the species.  They are not as common as single-humped camels. You shouldn’t miss a double-humped camel safari when in Nubra Valley, Ladakh.

Land of festivals

Ladakh Festivals

Oh! boy if you were to think Ladakh was all adventure and no play! Sorry to disappoint you, it celebrates a plethora of festivals. To name a few- Hemis festival, Losar festival, Ladakh festival, Tak tok festival and Sindhu Darshan festival.

Highest settlement in India

facts about Ladakh

There lies a huge trough in-between Suru Valley and Zanskar Valley,  The most inhabited region in Suru Valley is Rangdum. It is the very last inhabited region of the Suru valley. After Rangdum is a valley that rises to an elevation of 4,400 meters at Pensi La, the gateway to Zanskar Valley. The farming limit is up to Korzok on the shore of the Tso Moriri Lake, which is at an altitude of 4,600 meters. These fields are the highest in terms of elevation in the world.

The highest bridge in the world

facts about Ladakh

Behold the highest bridge in the world! The Bailey Bridge. It is situated between the Dras and Suru rivers in the Ladakh region. The Indian Army constructed it in the August of 1982. It is 30 meters (98 ft) in length and is perched atop a mind-blowing altitude of 5,602 meters (18,379 ft) above sea level. Please don’t fall over in awe!

Thank you for reading! We would love to hear if you know any other lesser known facts about Ladakh. Feel free to use the comments section below.

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